5 benefits of Social Media Marketing for your business

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Social Media marketing sill stays for lot of entrepreneurs a complicated fashion trend they have to follow with no practical advantages for their businesses. This is often the consequence of a lack of understanding ; why today we want to give you 5 general benefits resulting from social media marketing.

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Communicate better about the value of your products or services

We don’t have any doubt about the fact you know exactly the products you have conceived during 15hours every day or the service you offer to your customers from 9AM to 10PM in your venue. But something obvious for you can potentially not appeal to your customers. Work on your social media strategy will oblige you to think like if you were your client and determine the practical value of your products or services for him.

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Define your target(s)

The CRM/CMS platform provided (or synchronized) by the social media you will choose could bring huge informations about your customers and help you to define different targets and adapt your offer to them. It could be also a good way to identify your brand ambassadors (influencers) and reward them (loyalty program).
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Receive feedbacks from your customers

It’s not always easy to collect feedbacks and analyse them. Be present on Social Media platforms gives you (thanks to CRM/CMS) the opportunity to use efficiently those feedbacks. For example, during a product launch you can directly observe your target reactions and adapt quickly your strategy if you have negative feedbacks. Moreover, the cost of this presence will be very low compare to other medias.

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Create a strong link between your clients and your company

When we talk about social media marketing with a client, the word the most frequently used it’s ENGAGEMENT. Why ? Because it’s the key to have positive results from your social media strategy and to keep a strong link with your followers. Communicate on Social Media doesn’t only mean give news. You have to think about how your follower could interact with your message and how this step could engage him to talk about your brand or bring him in a buying process.

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Begin a brand building process

The concept of branding is not just usefull for multinational companies. All the organizations (service providers included) have to work in a brand building process. During the development of your social media presence you will have to work on different aspects of brand building : choose the right social platform for your business, provide valuable and shareable content, leverage influencers, …

Communicate like a brand with a strong identity it’s the main point If you want your words have an impact on your audience.
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