How to promote your App through WeChat ?

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It’s not a big revelation to tell you China, the world’s largest smartphone market, represents a huge opportunity to launch your mobile application. But reach the 700 millions active users of smartphones and tablets is not easy and requires a complete strategy in the opposite to a simple localization plan. 
First, the main difficulty for app or game publisher is to choose the good marketplace(s) among more than 200. We could list some majors like Myapp or 360 Mobile Assistant. Others are more specialized, for example Downjoy, one of the leaders in mobile game.
Between all those app stores and the infinity of applications available on the market, how could you promote your creation ?

Why not using an app already installed on a big part of your smartphones’ users target ? 

This application which leads the daily life of 650millions mobile users it’s WeChat. 
From WeChat, you will give the opportunity to your potential users to try a part of your application and after enables them to download it easily.

How to integrate your app on WeChat ?

After creating your Official WeChat account (subscription or service depends of your strategy), you will have to create a simplified HTML5 version of your app accessible through WeChat menu. This short preview of your app will focus on the key features, which have the more chance to engage your target users and make them to continue their experience on your native app.
An other big interest to promote your app on WeChat is the platform will enable you to generate viral traffic.
Thanks to a message inviting users to share their experience in a group chat or their moments.


During last December, I’m sure you were part of those who have tested their Chinese level in 90 seconds and shared your potential HSK level on your moments.
It was MandarinTalk, a new type of mandarin learning app which was behind this viral WeChat strategy in order to promote its app. 
They were able to create a strong engagement with their target and find a smart way to share the HTML5 version of their app. Each user had to share the game in order to challenge his friends.

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