[News] New WeChat Ads : Drive to Store Opportunities for SMEs

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In January 2015, WeChat launched Moments Ads for the first time.

Early this year, WeChat released a new self-service platform enabling advertisers to manage Moments Ads and the Ads price starts from 50k RMB. Even the price is decreased by 150k RMB than the initial price, it’s still unaffordable for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs).

Last week, WeChat just released one new Moments Ads:  LBS (location based services) Moments ads (中文:本地广告) which is targeting SMEs, and to drive traffic to offline stores.

What are the features?

  • Multiple functions :

In addition to Ads content, users are also able to get coupons, locate or call the store via the link right below the picture. The link can also be customized as WeChat articles, or H5 page.

  • Lower min budget

Minimum budget is as low as 300 RMB/day, which is more affordable for all sclaes of businesses. (top 1 cities: 150 RMB/CPM; top 2 cities: 100 RMB/CPM; other cities: 50 RMB/CPM.)

(CPM: cost per thousand impressions)

  • Precise targeting geographically

Moments Ads has covered nationwide over 300 cities and 4,000 commercial districts. It has enabled local SMEs to locate their service range accurately, in order to attract consumers nearby.

  • Flexible advertising time

SMEs are also able to customize advertising timing according to their needs. For resturants, you may would like to advertise around lunch/ dinner time.

Time to advertise in WeChat Moments!

Location Based Ads (LBA) provides a great opportunity for SMEs by enabling them to build a connection with potential consumers within its service range. By customizing advertising location & timing, LBA helps you reach your target audience accurately.

How about saving your cost for brochure and labor, then invest in WeChat Moments?

Maybe one day, Cadillac is not the only advertiser showing in your Moments, but also the French bar right downstairs from your apartment.

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