[News] WeChat APP Account (Mini APP) Is Coming!

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In January this year, WeChat team mentioned “APP account” will be launched soon. This announcement has caused a lot of discussion, but none is confirmed officially by WeChat team until today. 
At 12:30am today (Sep.22), Wechat just posted an article about “APP account”. Now it has opened beta test for certain businesses, and it is temporarily named Xiaochengxu小程序 (mini app).

What is “APP Account”? 

“APP account” is basically a Webapp in WeChat. Actually WeChat is not the first one who has stepped into this area, “Application account应用号” from Baidu and “Kuaizhan快站” from Sohu have tried even earlier. 

Same as Subscription account or Services account, you can immediately use APP account without installing anything. Users scan a QR code or search and can immediately open it.

Comparisons between three WeChat accounts  

Possible Entrance

Possible Interface

Similar to “operated by third-party ” area inside my wallet, it has shown a prototype of the APP account.

What Are The Benefits?

For users: 
– No need to download, easy to follow
– No need to update time to time
– Smaller phone storage
– Easy to share on social media 
For owners:
– Easier user acquisition
– Easier maintenance 
– Lower developping cost
– Cross-platform

APP/ E-commerce Platform/ Service Account Is Dying?

This news may bring a great impact on APP/ E-commerce platform/ Service account.

But since APP account are not able to push notifications, for those businesses who would like to have communicating interaction with users, service account still stays its advantage.

Besides, apps such as: games, videos, music, professional tools, may need APP as a stable operating environment.
Meanwhile, some voices are complaining that WeChat has already occupied too much space on cell phone. And someone still believes that a complicated APP will not provide a good user experience

WeChat Has Opened Beta Test

Currently, mini APPs are in private beta, and the beta APPs are not visible to users in WeChat. After the beta period, all mini APPs will be opened to businesses and users. WeChat has also indicated that mini APPs can use WeChat login and an APP’s existing backend user management, but users will not be able to directly jump between APP and mini APP.

What’s the future of APP account ?

To know more info about WeChat APP account: 



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