[News] WeChat Pay : Activation in 1min and No Developers Needed

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WeChat Maidan (微信买单) is launched by WeChat pay team on 27th Sep., which offers a NO-DEVELOPERS-NEEDED payment solution to small businesses. Now you are able to register online through WeChat Pay platform to get a QR code and then be ready to receive payments.

What are the features?

  • Activation within 1min

Before it used to take around 2 weeks to accomplish the technology development as WeChat just provided basic interface.

Now with WeChat Maidan, businesses are able to activate WeChat pay within 1 minute by registering on WeChat Pay platform (process is shown below).

  • Receipt Notification & transaction checking

Cashiers can be binded by WeChat ID and receive real-time receipt of WeChat payment. At the same time, cashiers can also scan the payment code to check transactions.

What are the application steps?

  1. Login with business admin account via pay.weixin.qq.com

2. Product center -> WeChat Maidan

3. Apply

4. Confirm contract

5. WeChat Maidan -> Download QR code

6. WeChat Maidan -> Bind cashier WeChat ID

Meanwhile, WeChat Pay offers coupons to consumers who pay by WeChat. It looks like we are pretty close to None-cash Day!

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