Our takeaways from Euroshop 2017

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The Euroshop Show took place two weeks ago in Dusseldorf.
It was the place to be for retailers from all over the world, and Phoceis was there, both as exhibitors and visitors.

Here are some digital and innovation-related takeaways we brought back from Germany.

AI is taking on retail

To give credit where credit is due, let’s start with AI and chatbots solution.
We had the honor to have our innovative solution, created for french retailer Leroy Merlin, pinpointed by IBM themselves.
This tool, called MAIA, takes care of one of the biggest friction for a customer when instore : locating a product. Instead of running after a vendor, you just ask your question in natural language by SMS or Facebook Messenger, and our AI solution returns the number of alley in which you can find the product.

Capture d’écran 2017-03-17 à 11.07.23

Still on the AI part, robots are coming (discretely) in the store, for instance thanks to the experimentation of a Pepper robot at Darty (France) or at Lowe’s in San Francisco.

Capture d’écran 2017-03-21 à 09.43.18

In this store window for C&A, a digital screen powered by Watson AI determines the age, sex, race and emotion of the person standing in front of it and suggest relevant products.

Capture d’écran 2017-03-21 à 09.52.02

Last example, the new possibilities offered by AI solution to determine in real time the optimal price for fruits and vegetable. Learning from external conditions (like weather, traffic instore) and product information (expiry date, stock), the algorithm sets the best price and sends it automatically to the ESL system.


Hunt for frictions

Still in the idea of removing frictions in the customer journey, Shell and Jaguar partnershipped to create a system thanks to which you can pay for your fuel directly from the dashboard of the car, via Paypal.

In Auckland airports dutyfree, the waiting time for customers is reduced by an impressive arm-robot system that takes care of your click-and-collect order and prepares it in matter of seconds.

Phygital still in the center of the game

While stores are progressively loosing their commercial-only nature, the move for retailers is to mix digital and real-life dimensions by creating places of exchanges and connection between people.

For instance with the cycling brand Rapha, who turned his flagship into a place for people to meet around their passion and engages them through a mobile app membership program which gives them access to exclusive benefits, both digital and brick and mortar.


Douglas also created a new kind of digital experience, transforming a classic store window into an interactive display. With this appliance, engagement was boosted : time spent by visitors in front of the window jumped from a few seconds to more than 50 seconds.

Credits : Stylus Blog


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