[WeChat] Huge opportunities for F&B businesses

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Before to describe you the different opportunities a Wechat account can provide to your business(es), we want to share with you a usual observation. When Phoceis team talks about WeChat Official account benefits with F&B professionals, we often collect this type of answers :”it seems very interesting but I think this solution is more for big companies, it will be difficult to manage with my business daily operations, I don’t have the budget to hire someone specialized in this field”
We have to remind them, first Tencent targets small and medium businesses with the goal to give them the opportunities to develop their sales and an omnichannel approach. To resume, you could be the owner of a unique restaurant and find great value in the following uses.

Drive to store : differents ways to increase your traffic in store

 1. Push notifications

If we could give one advice to F&B professionals : choose the good type of account (WeChat : Service account VS Subscription account).

We are always surprised to see restaurants or bar with a subscription account which doesn’t enable them to send push notifications (and use all the WeChat commercial features) to their followers.

2. Give an overview of your menu

We think we don’t need to explain you the concept of “foodporn”, already completly integrated by chinese customers who share more and more lunch or dinner pictures on their WeChat moments. Good pictures of your products arranged with WeChat standards respect or put in a mobile site are always a strong marketing lever.

3. Store locator

You just finished a meeting in an area not familiar, you want discover the last venue of your favorite bar but you want know if it’s closed to walk there. Have a map and a locator function integrated in its WeChat Official account could be a precious help !

4. Launch viral marketing campaigns with coupons

WeChat enables you to create coupons which can be shared between users and integrated in the Card Pack located near your WeChat Wallet.
It will be also an interesting way to measure the impact of your discounts, which is very difficult when you only share your offers in your WeChat moments.

5. Integrate your loyalty program in WeChat

What is more frustrating to always arrive at the check out of your favorite coffee shop whithout your loyalty card ?
Roll out a complete loyalty program and integrate the loyalty card of your business in your WeChat Official account is a very powerful tool to determine your best clients and reward them.

In store WeChat Official account uses

Wifi via WeChat : how to increase your community
A big part of F&B venues have a WeChat account but their number of followers is very small compare to their in store traffic. WeChat gives you the opportunity to extend a lot your community with this function. When clients want to join your wifi network they are invited to join your WeChat Official account. This feature also enables you to directly push notifications (for example discounts) the next time they will visit your venue.

WeChat Shop : the perfect way to target new clients and develop your turnover.

You have products difficult to find in China and you could offer them with an affordable price ? Why don’t sell them in order to expand your customer base ? WeChat enables you to synchonize your own WeChat shop but you could also use 3rd parties applications and sell your product online with a very low invesment.
Phoceis Asia offers a complete range of WeChat services from WeChat consulting to full operation packages focus on F&B industry.
If you want more details contact us : contact@phoceis.asia

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