[WeChat] Still Physical Membership Card ? Make It Digital Now !

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you ever paid attention, you may notice that many businesses are inviting consumers to join their digital membership card on WeChat in store, which is quite happening now and probably would be a big trend in China. 

This article will guide you and take a look at how digital membership cards work on WeChat.

What is the activation process for consumers?

1. Scan a QR code

2. Activate card by inputing name, phone number, birthday

3. Get digital card and payment code

(*Online shop, Coupons and Offical Account can also be intergrated.)

4. Manage cards in “Cards & Offers” folder

What are the benefits? 

  • Get rid of paper work of appilication
  • Carry cards on your phone not in wallet
  • Pay by code scaning and get loyalty points
  • Check loyalty points and purchase history any time
  • Check and share discount and coupons with friends
  • Deposit money

Case study: BreadTalk

Bakery shop BreadTalk has achieved incredible success by enabling WeChat membership card:

  • 40,000 new members in few hours
  • 5,000 pens & over 800,000 yuan deposit in one day
  • Payment by WeChat membership card increased by 12% over the past
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