[WeChat] Time to Say Bye to Paper Invoice?

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Have you ever felt tired of long time for queuing & mailing just for an invoice? Are you afraid of losing paper invoices during a business trip? Also, for finance department, is managing paper invoices always driving you crazy? Moreover, more concerns from environmentalists…


Earlier this year, Tencent released Wechat Cards & Offer (微信卡包) at the “INTERNET + TAX” seminar, and also electronic invoice solution for reimbursement.
Last WeChat Open Class, they have provided a more detailed introduction of e-invoice. And just for information: at the end of 2015, State Administration of Taxation had clearly defined that e-invoices are with the same legal effect as paper invoices! 

What is the process of getting an e-invoice on WeChat?

What is the reimbursement process with integration of WeChat Enterprise Account? 

Multiple WeChat products are integrated such as WeChat Official Account, Cards & Offer, Scan QR code, Enterprise Account and WeChat Pay during this process. Printing out the e-invoice is not necessary at all during this process, but technology development is needed definitely.


E-invoice helps businesses reduce cost by automating financial processes, eliminating paper transactions and expediting payments.
Also, e-invoice is also a good news to standardize operations for e-commerce industry.
But since e-invoice has lost its physical features, and can also be printed repeatedly, which actually increase the responsibility and pressure of identifying for financial staff.
Is paper invoice time ended? We might not be able to give a certain answer now. But we can see clearly that WeChat has provided another possibility of life in China!

Scan the code below and experience e-invoice now! 

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