Apple WWDC 2016 : What’s new for the retailers?

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The WWDC Conference was the occasion for Apple to show us its IOS10 system and a series of new features.
Let’s make a summary of its principle announcements and their influence for digital retailers!
ios10 features Apple Worldwide Developers Conference

Siri is opening up to app developers

This was already predicted; Siri is opening to developers. If you would like to control your application through your voice, it’s as simple as the control of your smartphone, let’s go!
The fields in which it can interfere are for the moment limited (reservation of VTC, vocal or video call, research of photos, management of physical exercises, sending and receiving P2P payments).
Siri is also becoming more intelligent thanks to Deep Learning and it can easily connect the elements of your life in order to progress its answers: place, friends, geolocation and languages….
  • Siri can be integrated into third party applications. WeChat, Uber, Slack, Skype even Pinterest were mentioned during the Conference. We can call a Uber through Siri or send a message to a friend on WhatsApp by the tool.
  • Smart suggestions thanks to “Deep Learning’’ (linked with address, schedule, geolocation), change of language according to the person with whom it’s talking to.

Apple Pay will arrive in France …and online

For the moment developed only in USA, in England and in China, the system of payment through iPhone or Apple Watch will arrive in France in a few months (for merchants equipped with compatible terminals). The first partner banks were already announced, they are BPCE and Carrefour bank. Others will have to be patient.
But the principle announcement is elsewhere. From now, It’ll be possible to pay through Apple Pay online! The power of the Amazon “one-click payment” is welcoming all the e-merchants.
At the beginning, it will be only available for Safari browsers (iPad, iPhone & Mac).
We are also still not clear about the rate arrangements of this offer, and how Apple will be positioned face to the solutions like Paypal or classic bank card payments (normally, the amount of commissions can be calculated proportionally according to the quality of client experience)


After the WWDC, Forbes quickly announced “Apple’s iMessage just became a WeChat clone”
When we observe it more carefully, we can discover a real revolution in order to compete with Snapchat or FB Messenger, and especially we can have conversation with the user at the IOS center (it’s obviously not surprising with all the correlations of the actual “Chatbot” tendency)
Some developments:
– Transcription of written messages to vocal messages, integration of WhatsApp into IOS (beta) and prediction of Emojis: when we type some words, they’ll be transferred to Emojis. Messages Messages would like to be funnier in order to compete with its big rivals like Snapchat or Facebook Messenger.
imessage Apple Worldwide Developers Conference smiley
  • Messages Messages supports “richlinks” : the links YouTube, safari or others which can be seen without quitting the application.
  • Improvement of the application : the responses can take the form of “I love you” or of a heart ,and sharing photos/videos becomes faster.
  • Those surprising photos or messages can be masked by “dust” so that the recipient can reveal the message by scrubbing it.
imessage Apple Worldwide Developers Conference
imessage Apple Worldwide Developers Conference
Being always in line of FB Messenger, Messages is opening (gradually) to developers who can implement some interactions with their applications: stickers, delivery orders, payments,transfer money to friends


Except for some superficial improvements (no need of buttons for unlock: you will just have to “raise” your phone; interaction with notifications will be possible thanks to 3D Touch for saving time…) the notifications finally catch up and pass Android in terms of personalization.
We have to admit the notification of IOS became suddenly age versus the rich notifications ofAndroid.
With IOS10, the developers can personalize the notifications in order to make some efficient call-to-action.
Actually, we are preparinga demonstration using our marketing mobile tool Vision. Stay tuned!


Maps is also open to other apps with the possibility for example to call a Uber, to make areservation in a restaurant, etc…according to your location.
Generally, the application gives us more information than before, like the traffic on your route, or some propositions of activities according to our schedule and our habits of route.
We still don’t know if it is enough for Maps to catch up with its delay whith Google Maps and especially Waze which is gaining more and more market..

Below the other announcements less specifics to the Retail Industry


  • Photos will use the Deep Learning : capable of recognizing the faces and places. A “memories” tab can let us review our memories associated with a designated person or place.r
  • Apple also developed a function of creation of short videos. The sequences considered important are selected and the rhythm of the video will be adapted according to the music that we want to add.

Apple music

Apple Worldwide Developers Conference Kicks Off In San Francisco
The first modification for Apple Music : the design more simple and clean. The new function which suffered from a little flop during its presentation: the possibility to read lyrics while listening to a song.  

App Homekit

HOME ios10 lockscreen notifications
  • The application Home allows us to lead the objects connected at home, compatible with iPhone or iPad. The application is integrated with Siri and the Control Center, last point: you get the choice to control device by device or to create scenarios among your connected objects.

The uninstallable Apple Apps

IOS10 gives us the possibility to unload the applications offered by Apple, so that we can choose other Apps to replace them. (Little tips: if we decide to remove Mail, the only solution that it gives us is to reinstall it.)


  • IOS10 can warm you from spam calls. spams
  • The transcription from written messages to vocal messages.
Voicemail transcription apple


Even if IOS10 doesn’t propose clearly a revolution, we can be disappointed for its opening level to developers, especially on Siri. Some new features like the new version of notifications or Apple Pay can be obviously a choice in the coming months in the roadmap of digital retailers.
The final version of IOS10 will be launched at autumn. (Devices which can be adapted: iPhone 5 and above, iPad 2 and above, iPod touch 5 and above…)

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